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Lichen Planus

Very good option for those who prefer natural way of curing, Whatever disease you have I highly recommend.

Dr Manjusha is a very sweet and nice doctor , I had Lichen Planus and my skin condition was very bad, I went to Satguru Homeopathy Clinic and in about 3 months of taking the medication, I no longer have Lichen planus. I am very happy plus I would love to mention that clinic provides a very good service with reasonable price.

Thank you very much Dr Manjusha Balekundri.

- Ms. Anita (*Individual Results May Vary)

Allergic Rhinitis & Sinus

I have suffered from allergic rhinitis & sinus for as long as I remember. I always depended on western medicine for curing it. I tried to observe the pattern of when and where it would happen but I couldn’t come up with a conclusion.

The timing and frequency was so random and it would just happen anywhere, and in any city I would visit, indoors and outdoors, especially when there’s too much air pollution. I have also tried to consult a Homeopathy doctor and took some medicine. Still with temporary success, partly because of me, I was too young that time, and hence never took it seriously and was not regular. That time the push was from my mother.

This time it was from my wife. She came to know about Satguru and Dr. Manjusha over internet and suggested me to try Homeopathy consultation with her. Initially I was reluctant to go there as I was not too optimistic about any improvement. Still it's usually wives who win such battles so I finally ended up with an appointment in Oct 2014.

The first appointment with Dr. Manjusha, she asked me a lot of questions about my life in general, my past, my habits, etc. From that first appointment she prescribed me the right homeopathic pills. She targeted my allergy problem first. In first week, I again got fever and went back within 10 days, but she insisted on continuing on the pills and to be patient. In subsequent months I saw improvement but I still had running nose in morning after waking up, especially in December 2014, when the weather of Singapore changed drastically, becoming cold and windy during nights.

This went on till month of February 2015, when I went to my hometown, Mumbai India, and I got serious viral infection. I came back to Singapore with severe congestion but some improvement and delayed my visit to Dr Manjusha. However my condition worsened and I rescheduled my appointment and went to visit her at earliest. This time Dr. changed my drops to a different one which had a huge turnaround and it was this time when my Sinus problem improved significantly. My viral went away in the next week and since then I had not a single allergy or sinus or viral to-date (June 2015). Every visit I just say its 100% improvement.

Of course she is equipped with the right education and experience to diagnose, but more than that, I think she has the gift of intuition and perception, as well as patience. Alhamdulillah. And that intuition comes from the genuine concern for the patient.

I am so glad I met Dr. Manjusha.

- Mr. S Shaikh (*Individual Results May Vary)

Tonsillitis & Nasal Polyps

My daughter Sharada 5 years old, had tonsillitis & nasal polyp. Due to tonsils she used to get frequent sore throat, cold, block nose, cough with high fever and sometimes even middle ear infection. We visited ENT specialist in January 1st week and he suggested surgery. He scheduled the surgery on March 22nd.

I told my friend about this and she suggested, why don't you try Homeopathy? Her son also suffered from frequent cold and cough due to low immunity and now he is quite healthy with Dr Manjusha's homeopathy treatment.

There were three more months for operation. We made up our mind to consult Dr. Manjusha and gave Homeopathy a try.

Dr Manjusha assured us that Shrada’s immunity will get boosted and we will notice that the recurrence and severity of attacks will also decrease.

Sharda's homeopathy treatment started in the 2nd week of January. Her condition started improving. She started eating well. Her sleep improved as she stopped snoring & teeth grinding at night. We have noticed an overall change in her health condition. She only had a very mild cold and cough once during these three months of treatment.

In the 2nd week of March, we had an appointment with ENT specialist just before scheduled date for tonsils operation. We were astonished when he said her tonsils are reduced in size, the nasal polyps have also almost disappeared. He asked us which treatment Sharada had.

We are pleased that her operation got cancelled finally. There were no more recurrence of those annoying symptoms.

- Mrs. Valli (*Individual Results May Vary)

Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease

I had poly cystic ovaries for nearly five years. I tried everything, visited many gynecologists and endocrinologists. But the only answer I got is "reduce weight and your periods will get regular and your cysts will go off". But losing weight is the biggest challenge. Tired of all means, I consulted Doctor Manjusha (Thanks to her updated and very useful website). In one month my periods started becoming regular gradually. And now I don't have to check my calendar when was my last period. They come nearly on time every month.

Also my cysts quantity also reduced a lot (almost gone) and gained back my confidence. Thanks a lot Dr. Manjusha. I am really grateful to god that by chance or any way, I came to you. I am still trying my best to loose weight with diet and exercise, (periods are still regular). And even my mood swings reduced a lot. :)

- Anie (*Individual Results May Vary)

UTI / Urinary Tract Infection

I had urinary tract infection which took me to hospital. I faced a month long ordeal. In a month I was hospitalized two times. And was bombarded with antibiotics and pain killers, which did not help me. I still remained in pain and discomfort. My uncle Mr Syed who is taking regular treatment from Dr Manjusha suggested me to try an alternative, homeopathy.

I consulted Dr Manjusha at Satguru Homeopathy, she discussed with me in detail about my pain and how it started. Her small sugar globules with Homeopathy medicine and supporting patented homeopathy medicines stopped my pain just in two days. I am still not able to believe it, but fact is, it happened.

After this reassuring experience, now I am very positive that I will also find a long-term solution for my Diabetes. I want to reduce my dependency on daily medication.

- Md Abu Bakar (*Individual Results May Vary)

Kidney stone

It all started with a lower back pain, and I thought it was due to exercise hence I was planning to reduce my exercise schedule. In a bid to consult physician I consulted at Polyclinic. XRay was suggested and it was detected Right Renal Calculi. My next appointment for specialist physician was in 15 days at Tan Tock Seng hospital. My friend suggested alternative medicine, either homeopathy or Chinese medicine.

When I surfed on internet, I found Homeopathy practitioners in Singapore, Satguru Homeopathy Clinic at Yishun. After careful review of my current medical issues and my past health Dr. Manjusha prescribed and gave medication. The medication reduced my pain and discomfort in lower back. The improvement was within days. Two weeks later on my appointment at the specialist clinic, to our surprise we found out that no kidney stone was detected. The kidney stones were dissolved within two weeks.

I would like to sincerely thank Dr. Manjusha for attending to me carefully and giving wonderful homeopathy treatment.

- Madam Christine (*Individual Results May Vary)

Frequent Cold, Cough & Flu

My children aged 4 and 2, are frequently victims of cold, cough & flu. As weather changes, this sickness prevails in our house. Particularly, my elder son who started schooling was having social exposure. At GP we were regularly prescribed with antibiotics to fight the disease. The disease was comforted at the cost of health and there was no long term fix. I seek for alternative medicine, my mother suggested me to check availability of Homeopathy Practitioner in Singapore. I checked with my friends and they suggested Dr. Manjusha's Satguru Homeopathy Clinic to me.

Dr. Manjusha going through thoroughly our health concerns, suggested immediate help and long term tonic. With this medication our immunity is boosted and we hardly get these infections. Improving not only the health of my family, but our family is now happy and enjoying Singapore.

My family has switched to homeopathy medicine and Dr. Manjusha is now our family doctor.

- Mrs. Geetha (*Individual Results May Vary)

Asthma & Eczema

My son, Mike, now 9 years old, regularly has asthma and eczema. The disease is following him since he is 3 months baby boy. In anticipation of good health for him, we went through many types of medical and parallel medical treatments including homeopathy. They did not give us a satisfactory long term solution to Mike's health, the asthma and eczema continued to hunt him.

My friend suggested why not try homeopathy with another homeopath again for once. She suggested us to see Dr. Manjusha at Satguru Homeopathy Clinic at Yishun. The change of doctor for a second opinion may make a difference.

With hesitation I decide to take a chance to see if luck is on our side. We consulted Dr. Manjusha, to our surprise she went through Mike's entire medical history and is also seeking relations in our family's medical history. She prescribed medicine with warm assurance.

Within two weeks of medication, Mike's skin started responding to it and shown remarkable improvement. Also his recurrence of Asthmatic attacks reduces. He is no more dependent on the inhalers. No doubt his health and life is improving.

Now he enjoys PE sessions and other social activities in school, building up his enthusiastic approach to study and life.

We are thankful to Dr. Manjusha, she is a warm and caring homeopathy practitioner. I am now homeopathy enthusiast and recommend my friends, colleagues and family to see Dr. Manjusha, if they have any medical concerns.

- Sabrina A. (*Individual Results May Vary)

Infertility / Irregular Menses

We are married for five years. Last one year I was trying to conceive but unsuccessful. I had irregular menses also. Then we had visited one Fertility specialist. He tested everything and found out that I have some fertility problem due to irregular menses and my husband also had low mortality. He had treated us for three months but there was no improvement. Then he advised to go for IVF. But IVF is very costly in Singapore and we were looking for natural process.

I know Dr. Manjusha for last one year. I had visited her first time (one year before) when I had pimples, dark spot on face and stomach problem. That time she had treated me and after taking medicine few months everything was healed. So we had faith on Homeopathy as well as Dr. Manjusha. We decided to consult her again for the infertility problem.

We consulted Dr. Manjusha and immediately she had started to treat us both. After one month treatment my menses start to become regular. Same time my husband's problem also started to improve. After four months of treatment, we got the good news, I conceived.

And the outcome is we have Six months Old baby boy now.

We are grateful to Dr. Manjusha. She is a warm and caring homeopathy practitioner. I definitely recommend her to everyone if you have any medical problem even for chronic disease.

- Mrs. R. M. (*Individual Results May Vary)


From the past 2 years I was suffering from hypothyroidism. It started after my childbirth. I started suffering from frequent headache, fatigue, weakness, palpitation, irritability, hair loss, constipation etc.

My colleague Rita once told me that her friend was suffering from thyroid problem too and got rid of it by homeopathic treatment.

I was really fed up with all the irritating symptoms. Hence, I decided to go for homeopathic treatment.

I saw Satguru Homeopathy Clinic's details in Mind &anp; Body and decided to take an appointment. After taking my detailed history, Dr Manjusha gave me medicines and suggested me to take them for at least 3 months and then go for a blood test. But I am a very impatient person so I did the blood test 1 month after taking homeopathic medicine. To my astonishment, my result got normal within one month!

Now I am completely free from all the irritating symptoms and the side effects of conventional medicines. Many Many thanks to Dr Manjusha!

- Ms Marry Tan (*Individual Results May Vary)

Epilepsy / Seizures

My Sister, Noor, was suffering from epilepsy for the past 14 years ever since she was 2 years old. It all started with a sudden high fever. Due to frequent fits or convulsions we started noticing change in her behavior and difficulty in learning and studying. She became very forgetful. We took her out of school. Lack of activity and friends made her very quiet and depressed. She used to always sit at home alone. Despite regular western medicines, there was no improvement seen

Therefore, we decided to try an alternative therapy, Homeopathy. After searching on the net, we came across Dr Manjusha's Website.

Noor's treatment started with lots of hope. Our financial condition was also not so good but here we find that the charges are quite affordable. Also, Dr Manjusha is very caring and friendly. She assured us that Noor's condition will improve soon.

After first two weeks of medication, her fits reduced by 40%. After 3 months of Homeopathic treatment, Noor is now free from those panic attacks.

Noor has joined the 'N' levels in school and is slowly coping with her studies.

It was all made possible by effective and natural homeopathic medicines. Our family owes many thanks to Dr Manjusha. God bless her!

- Momd Faizul (*Individual Results May Vary)


My mother, Madam Tan is 64 years old this year. About 15 years ago, she was cheated by her tenant whom she used to trust and treat as a child. One day he ran away with all her jewellery and savings. This caused her to lose her sleep.

Administering sleeping pills did not help her get any sleep or rest. The sleeping pills caused side effects like forgetfulness, constipation etc. She also developed diabetes and hypertension.

The grief and shock was a specific cause for her chronic insomnia. Classical homoeopathy health review helped to identify this and thereafter, she was treated using homoeopathy remedies for insomnia by Dr. Manjusha. Within 15 days of Homeopathic treatment, she started sleeping well. Her diabetes and hypertension level is also in control now.

After many years, I have seen my mother laughing. All credit goes to Dr. Manjusha!

- Julia (*Individual Results May Vary)

PMS / Pre-menstrual Syndrome

Our daughter Michelle, age 21 years, student of NUS, was having premenstrual syndrome. Each month prior to menses she suffered headache, mood swings, nausea, lower abdominal cramps and during menses diarrhoea. Having these symptoms she was getting very tired and frustrated.

In such a situation concentrating on her studies was a major challenge to her. She took painkillers to suppress symptoms. Three to four days of Medical leaves each month was a common affair for her.

One of my friend suggested seeking alternative medicine, particularly natural medicine like homeopathy. We decided to consult Dr Manjusha. We commenced homeopathy treatment in her next menstrual cycle resulting in remedial of 80% symptoms. In another 2 months she was free from all health concerns during her menstrual cycle.

Now she enjoys her classes and is able to concentrate well. Her studies and attendance at university improved. Her nature and social activities improved. She is a more calm, patient and understanding person now. We are very happy to see her life going in the right direction with improved health.

- Mr & Mrs Joseph (*Individual Results May Vary)

Diabetes Mellitus

I discovered having diabetes about 5 years ago. Taking medicine to keep it under control, however suffer from more worrying side effects. Initially it started with nausea, headache. Lately my irritability, anger, weakness & tiredness with body ache are on rise. This onslaught for just simple Diabetes pushed me to fact finding mission and if any better approach is available? Going about finding a fix for Diabetes Mellitus I came to know about the other side effects of Diabetes like Kidney, heart and eye problem. Many more beliefs and confirmations, puzzled me. My desire to look for natural alternative treatment was more intense. I learned about homeopathy medicine and looked for practitioner of homeopathy in Singapore.

After a fact finding interview, Dr. Manjusha prescribed me homeopathy medicine. Within few weeks my behaviour started changing, also health improvements noticed. It was my wife and children were happy about me being more calm and patient now.

In about six to eight months my blood sugar level regulated to normal. My family thanks to homeopathy and Dr. Manjusha. Now I believe a long-term solution is available as long as you want to discover it and believe in it.

- Mr. Chay Ang (*Individual Results May Vary)


Panadol was always my resort for the migraine pain for last 15 years. The recurrence of severe headaches with nausea, vomiting ad blurring of vision made me fill terrible. It did cause discomfort and disturbance in my work and home life. My college introduced me to Dr. Manjusha and suggested seek help of homeopathy medicine.

With hesitation, I consulted Dr. Manjusha, with her assuring approach I was convinced with the treatment by tiny small white pills. The tiny pills did its work and in two weeks there was an improvement, I would say 50% relief.

I regularly keep my medicine with me and I am relieved from those severe headaches and discomfort.

I am grateful to my college who introduced Dr. Manjusha to me and homeopathy as well. Dr. Manjusha has treated me with highly professional skills. She no doubt has deep understanding of homeopathy and its application to individuals.

- Ms Shilu C (*Individual Results May Vary)

(Similar expressions received from following patients of Migraine. Most of them praise Dr. Manjusha's genuine desire to diagnose and guide individual patient well. Mdm Wendy, Mrs. Sunita Gayakwad, Mdm. Noliah Mohammad , Mr. Dev., Ms T.Hemamalini, Paramjit Kaur and many more who found the solution for migraine in homeopathy medicine.)


My son Navin now 12 years was suffering Autism and Asthma. He is having this chronic illness from the age of three. We were in Malaysia, giving him treatment without much improvement and we assumed it is a lifelong curse for him. Last year we shifted to Singapore discovering possibilities of homeopathy treatment in Singapore

Being a special child we incurred lot of expenses like special school fees, bus services, attendance at home etc. In Singapore we were concern about his special and medical expenses, we were looking for alternatives to get effective help for him.

We consulted Dr. Manjusha for the possibilities of homeopathy treatment for him in Singapore. She comforted us and open up possibilities. Dr. Manjusha’s consultation and medicine charges are reasonable. We realize we can afford his long term treatment and if we find a long term solution, it would be great relief to us and Navin.

We commenced the treatment, with other treatments still in place, to our surprise his speech improved within 1 month. His asthma stopped occurring. Now he is developing himself as an independent child, understanding world around him. Now he manages his daily routine. He is always happy to visit Dr. Manjusha, where he found answers to his personal questions and a new hope.

We would definitely recommend Homeopathy and Dr. Manjusha. Be hopeful, trust and faith in medicine works.

- Mr. Naren & Paramjit Kaur (*Individual Results May Vary)


Over last eight months my gastric trouble, taught me pains associated with it, such as chest and stomach pain, heartburn, belching etc. The tests were recommended to find exact cause of the gastric trouble, such as Upper gastrointestinal endoscopy, blood and stool etc. The tests and their results did not establish a cause, and I fill threatened. Do I have an unknown gastric ailment?

The tests and changes in medicine continued as my gastric complains would reappear as soon as I stop medication.

I thought over to look for alternative medicine, homeopathy. Found through my college about Satguru Homeopathy Clinic of Dr. Manjusha in Yishun.

Her consulting session was bit long, and I was curious why she is so much interested to know more about my general health and behaviour than the gastric pain issue at hand. Her reassuring approach made me confident about the small sweet white pills of homeopathy medicine. 10 days after regular medication, I got relief from the discomforts. The recurrence is no more and discomfort like pain, heartburn, belching is a history to me now

Dr. Manjusha had insight on what I was facing. I have total faith in her professionalism. I experience nothing but care, support and assurance in her approach. I definitely recommend her to everyone, even to someone who has seemingly simple recurring cough or cold. Give it a chance to help your chronic issues.

- Mr. K. Govind (*Individual Results May Vary)


Past few months I have piles (haemorrhoids) which are bleeding. Allopathic medicine was not an effective method of treatment for me. One of my friends recommended me to consult Dr. Manjusha at Satguru Homeopathy Clinic in Yishun. My daughter surfed the net and realized homeopathy medicine would be a choice, and we decided to consult Dr. Manjusha. A good consultation not only on my current concern, piles, but on my personal health history, doctor prescribed and gave me homeopathy medication for piles. The medicine stopped my piles bleeding merely in two days. Now my piles are completely gone, thanks to Dr. Manjusha.

- Madam Maria (*Individual Results May Vary)

Male Infertility / Low Sperm Count

We are married for five years and thought conceiving is a natural process of our love. In our physical test we found out that my wife is healthy but I had low sperm motility, high WBCs with mid-piece and tail-piece defects.

The Seminal Analysis showed:

  • Total spermatozoa : 0 millions/ml
  • Motility : 7%
  • Mid piece defects : 20 H
  • Tail Piece defects : 34 H
  • RBC : 1.1 H

We are working in Singapore. We knew homeopathy medicine will help my infertility. We consulted online Indian well-known homeopathy doctor. The six month treatment did not show any improvement. We were disappointed. Our parent’s suggestion and persuasion convinced us to take second opinion of a homeopath. This time instead of having long distant online treatment, we decide to consult homeopathic doctor in Singapore. In Google search we found Dr.Manjusha's website. Luckily my office college mentioned her kids were also having Dr. Manjusha's treatment. She praised her consulting and treating approach.

We consulted Dr. Manjusha. She prescribed treatment. Within two weeks I noticed change in seminal fluid. And in the next 3 month I found remarkable improvement in my reports.

  • Total spermatozoa : 20 millions/ml
  • Motility : 80% Motile
  • Morphology : 85% showed normal forms
  • RBC & WBC : Nil

Now we are continuing treatment and hoping to have a child soon. I believe one can really trust homeopathy as it is not going to give any side effect, but only positive signs of improvement.

- Mr. N.K (*Individual Results May Vary)

Pigmentation / Freckles

We noticed a small patch of pigmentation on my face in my second pregnancy. The patch increased after childbirth and was more prominent and dark later. Due to this dark marks I always used to feel low in confidence. And very embarrassed when someone asked, "Oh what happen to you face?"

I simply lost hundreds of dollars visiting different specialists each time for this treatment. Used different types of lotions, ointments, face wash etc. It used to become slightly lighter but would appear again. A satisfying and sustainable improvement was missing each time.

I was convinced I need an alternative treatment, which will give me sustainable results. I used Ayurvedic Facials & Massage. Results were similar. Finally on my sister's suggestion I consult Dr. Manjusha for homeopathy treatment.

She assured me that with Homeopathy medicines will not only get rid of my pigmentation but it will help in lightening the dark circles around eye also. It was not convincing to me at fist, having gone through earlier various treatments and experience. Though skeptical, I agreed for a last try.

After a 45 min long consultation I was given oral medicines with ointment. Also valuable tips to preserve my skin texture while treatment takes care of it.

The first 2 weeks I found remarkable improvement. But still was not sure that it will be gone completely. After one month's treatment the 60% pigmentation was gone. And next following 2 month 90% of it was gone.

My Office College, friends, and neighbor each one of them noticed this remarkable improvement. They all knew stories of my desperations and efforts.

I am really very thankful to Dr. Manjusha and will not hesitate to recommend you for consulting her on any of your ailments, no matter however trivial or major they are.

- Ms Savitha (*Individual Results May Vary)

HTN (Hypertension) / High blood pressure

I had high blood pressure for many years and was regularly using allopathic medicines. Over years, these medicine usage result in cough and headache. Sometimes I did get desperation due to my cough and wanted to get rid of these side effects. Yes I understand who wants to have silent killer, blood pressure. While treating for piles Dr. Manjusha checked my blood pressure and did check my other health history. She advised me for taking homeopathic medicines for Hypertension.

The homeopathic medicines regulated my blood pressure. The dry cough and headache were no more there to trouble my body and mind. My anger, anxiety, stress level and irritability also reduced. Now I am calm and patient person.

Dr. Manjusha treated me in a professional way. She listens to your bodily troubles and questions you to understand more about you and your needs. She has a genuine desire to help her patients

Do not shy away, try Homoeopathic medicine.

- Madam Mariam Bte Saadon (*Individual Results May Vary)

Urticaria / Hives

I was suffering from Urticaria/Hives from past few month. It started with itch and red color patches on my body. First I approached GP. But there was no improvement. Then he suggested taking some skin test at the skin center. There were no alerts in the skin test. I was prescribed steroid ointment and antihistamines to prevent itch. I kept taking it for months but once I stop the medication itch and rashes would appear again.

Then it was my strong desire to find a permanent solution for this made me search it with friends, relatives, books and Internet. After reviewing information available on Internet, I decided to have alternative therapy. I came across the article written on urticaria in

I called them immediately to fix an appointment. After consultation I got small sweet pills. I was wondering what these tiny pills can will do for me. But the wonder pills worked in first 15 days. Itch and rashes reduced gradually. My faith and trust in wonder pill s of homeopathy improved day by day. I continued taking it for next 3 month and itch disappeared completely.

Now I am free from that all kind of skin irritation and rashes. My sincere thanks to Dr. Manjusha and her effective homeopathic treatment!

- Wong Song Heng (*Individual Results May Vary)

Famous Quotes About Homeopathy

"Homeopathy… Cures a larger percentage of cases than any other method of treatment and is beyond doubt safer and more economical and most complete medical science.";
- Mahatma Gandhi

"Homeopathy is wholly capable of satisfying the therapeutic demands of this age better than any other system or school of medicine."
- Dr. Charles Menninger (MD) Founder Menninger Clinic

"Effective natural remedies that have no side effects"
- Dr. Robert Mendelsohn, M.D. Professor U. of Illinois Medical School and Best-Selling Author

"Homeopathy is the safest and more reliable approach to ailments and has withstood the assaults of established medical practice for over 100 years."
- Yehudi Menuhin, World famous violinist

"The introduction of homeopathy forced the old school doctor to stir around and learn something of a rational nature about his business. You may honestly feel grateful that homeopathy survived the attempts of allopaths (the orthodox physicians) to destroy it."
- Mark Twain

"There have been two great revelations in my life: The first was bepop, the second was homeopathy."
- Dizzy Gillespie, Great Jazz Musician

Misconception about homeopathy:
Does it work slowly?

The best results and full benefits of homeopathy are obtained if one resorts to it in the early phase of sickness. Ignorance and lack of awareness about the usefulness of homoeopathy in all kinds of diseases cause many patients to approach homoeopathy late.

This delay causes the disease process to progress to an advanced stage. Even then, homoeopathy offers effective treatment. Timely and well consulted homeopathy treatment provides effective and long lasting cure to mind and body.

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