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How Can Homeopathy Help Me?

  1. Safe and non-toxic. Homeopathic remedies are so diluted that they do not have toxic effects. There are no side effects with homeopathy so this treatment is beyond a doubt safer than any other treatment. That is why they are ideal for Infants, Children, the Elderly & in Pregnancy as well.

  2. Holistic approach. Homeopathic remedies treat the mind and the body at the same time to address the whole of the suffering with one single medicine.

  3. Individualised treatment. A Homeopathic medicine is selected for each person, according to their personality and the nature of the symptoms.

  4. Mind-body link. Illness often involves the mind and the feelings as well as the physical body. Homeopathy, Bio-chemic and Bach flower treats all the suffering and brings a sense of relative wellbeing.

  5. Self-healing. Homeopathic remedies stimulate self-healing rather than relying on a strong drug effect. Self-healing is usually more permanent than the benefits produced by conventional drugs.

  6. Can Be Taken with Other Medications. Homeopathic remedies are also not known to interfere with conventional drugs. There is no known interactivity with other medicines.

  7. Widely Known & Respected Worldwide Homeopathy is widely known, practiced, and is recognized by the FDA, including Europe and Asia and in other parts of the world.

  8. Easy to Take. The very small sublingual tablets are placed on the tongue and dissolve quickly. There is NO NEED to swallow pills!

  9. Prophylactic treatment. We can use these medicines as preventive medicines for several ailments such as chicken-pox, measles, travel sickness etc.

  10. Palliative. The intake of homeopathic medicines act as a palliative remedy to several incurable conditions pains experienced by cancer patients on the death-bed.

  11. Anti-viral, anti-allergic. Homeopathy provides treatment with non-drowsy medicines for allergic hay fever, viral warts, cold etc.

  12. Anti-septic. Some homeopathic medicines act as an anti-septic. After surgery, the use of homeopathic remedy gives an anti-septic effect or helps with wound healing.

Homeopathy Pills

Homeopathy Can Help Avoid Surgery In Some Cases

Homeopathy is not against surgery. Surgery is an art and science by itself. Surgery is called forth in the conditions where medicines have limited or no role, and where surgical aid, operation can cure or improve the condition. There are number of diseases which are labelled as 'surgical', where homeopathy works curatively and can avoid surgery. Some such ailments are: Septic recurrent Tonsillitis, Piles, Kidney & Biliary (small) stones, small size Uterine Fibroids, Ovarian Cysts, Warts, Corns, etc.*

Why Should One Use Homeopathy?

The symptoms are not the disease; they are the result of the disease. When the body is sick it tries to throw out the disease, the symptoms are the warning signs that you are sick.

For example, when your car's brakes are failing, a warning light appears on the dashboard. This is like the symptom. It's a good idea to fix the brakes rather than suppress the symptom by removing the bulb. Homeopathy treats the root cause of each illness, not the symptoms.

Misconception About Homeopathy: Does It Work Slowly?

The best results and full benefits of homeopathy are obtained if one resorts to it in the early phase of sickness. Ignorance and lack of awareness about the usefulness of homoeopathy in all kinds of diseases cause many patients to approach homoeopathy late.

This delay causes the disease process to progress to an advanced stage. Even then, homoeopathy offers effective treatment. Timely and well consulted homeopathy treatment provides effective and long lasting cure to mind and body.

Homeopathy Is A Steroid Free Treatment

Homoeopathy is a steroid-free treatment. However, if homoeopathy shows results faster than conventional treatment or in the area where conventional treatment has no answer, some practitioners or patient's friends will tell the patients that they must be receiving steroids. This is a common allegation which every homeopath has faced in his/her practice.

Patients usually recover from their acute illnesses after a few doses of the medicine prescribed. This often causes patients to question if steroids are part of the medication. Most homeopathic practitioners, including me, make the medicine in front of the patients. Therefore, patients can be assured that steroids are not in the medicine prescribed. Homeopathic medication does not cause any side effects.

To read more about diseases, please view our diseases page.

Infants, Children & Homeopathic Care

Infants are prone to many digestive, respiratory and skin ailments because their immune system and functioning of all organs is not fully developed at birth.

Infants are one of the most delicate, sensitive living beings who need care and attention even before they are born. An infant is at the youngest stage of life beginning right after birth to 12 months of age. Every parent tries their best to keep their babies safe and free from any disease. However, in the present world, with complex lifestyles, ever changing environmental conditions, it is very difficult to keep an infant away from common health problems.

Apart from congenital and developmental defects in infants, there are so many common ailments like colic (stomachache), frequent cold & cough, fever, flu, diarrhea, vomiting, dentition problems, infantile eczema, asthma, bronchitis, excess crying as well as some behavioral problems such as fears, irritability, anger, destructiveness, slow in learning and habits like thumb sucking, nail biting etc. that become a cause of concern for parents who can find relief through Homeopathy.*

Homeopathy is Ideal for Infants & Children

  • Homeopathy remedies are safe to use in the very young, including newborn babies.
  • It is natural, gentle yet a highly effective system of medicine.
  • Children respond wonderfully to homeopathic remedies. The mildly sweet pills, powders or liquids are easy to dispense and are more palatable than many conventional medicines.
  • Homeopathy can raise the immunity of infants to help deal with illness throughout their childhood and grow up into healthy adults.

Homeopathy during Pregnancy

During pregnancy many woman try to avoid allopathic medicines in order to prevent putting their unborn child at risk. Woman often think they will just have to put up with common discomforts of pregnancy like morning sickness, heartburn, constipation, hemorrhoids, bladder infection, anemia, backache, vaginitis and more, when homeopathy medicines offers a safe alternative.*

This natural healing system offers an effective way to treat common discomforts of pregnancy with no risk to mother or baby. By addressing any imbalance in the mother at the mental, emotional and physical level, the baby will also be healthier.

Women that receive homeopathic treatment tend to have a shorter and easier labor and a trouble-free post partum.

Homeopathy Medicines/ Remedies for Infant & Children

Aconite, Aethusa, Alos, Ars Alb, Alumina, Anacardium,Arg nit, baryta carb,  Belladona, Calc carb, Calc phos, Causticum, Chamomilla, Cina,Graphites, Hepar sulph, Jalapa, Nat mur, Phos,  Pulsatilla, Sambucus, Sepia, Silicea, Tuberculinum, Sulphur etc.

Self medication is not advisable. Consult a Qualified Homeopathy Doctor for appropriate treatment.

Healthy Aging & Homeopathy

Most old people want their normal physical and mental strength at this stage in their life. They want to carry out their daily routines without help. Homoeopathy treatment can help the elderly take care of everyday life problems and does no harm to their system. If old people were alert and physically fit it would increase their desire to live longer. They will enjoy life rather than be miserable.

Healthy aging is about much more than staying physically healthy - it is about maintaining your sense of purpose and your zest for life. As we grow older, we experience an increasing number of major life changes, including retirement, the loss of loved ones, and physical changes. How we handle these changes, as well as regular day-to-day stresses, is the key to aging well. With these tips for healthy aging, you can live with meaning and joy throughout your senior years.

Growing Old but Keeping Fit

Most people are scared or even terrified of old age because they feel that aging is characterized by a progressive loss of essential body functions like loss of vision, hearing, teeth, memory, intelligence, sexual drive, muscle strength and vigour.

Why do we grow old? According to a popular theory, free radicals damage cells, tissues and organs progressively and as we age the body's ability to neutralize such damages wanes.

Coping with change

As you age, there will be periods of both joy and stress. It is important to build your resilience and find healthy ways to cope with challenges. This ability will help you make the most of the good times and keep your perspective when times are tough.

Focus on the things you are grateful for. The longer you live, the more you lose. But as you lose people and things, life becomes even more precious. When you stop taking things for granted, you appreciate and enjoy what you have even more.

Acknowledge and express your feelings. You may have a hard time showing strong emotions, perhaps feeling that such a display is inappropriate and weak. But burying your feelings can lead to anger, resentment, and depression. Don't deny what you're going through. Find healthy ways to process your feelings, perhaps by talking with a close friend or writing in a journal.

Accept the things you can't change. Many things in life are beyond our control. Rather than stressing out over them, focus on the things you can control such as the way you choose to react to problems. Face your limitations with dignity and a healthy dose of humour.

Take daily action to deal with life's challenges. When challenges seem too big to handle, sweeping them under the carpet often appears easier. But ignoring the problem doesn't make it go away; it allows both the problem and your anxiety to build. Instead, take things one small step at a time. Even a small step can go a long way to boosting your confidence and reminding you that you are not powerless.

Your Diet as You Age

As you age, your relationship to food changes along with your body. A decreased metabolism, changes in taste and smell, and slower digestion may affect your appetite, the foods you can eat, and how your body processes food. The key is to figure out how to adapt to your changing needs. Now, more than ever, healthy eating is important to maintain your energy and health.

Load up on high-fiber fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Your whole digestive system is slower, so fiber is very important. Consume fiber-rich foods such as whole grains, fruit, and vegetables. They will help you feel more energetic and give you fuel to keep going.

Watch out for dehydration. Because of physical changes, older adults are more prone to dehydration. So make sure you are drinking plenty of fluid, even if you don't feel thirsty. If you're not getting enough water, you're not going to be as sharp and your energy will suffer.

How is Homeopathy More Suitable for Elderly?

One can always slow down the progression of these elderly health issues, by leading a healthy lifestyle. Habits like smoking can lead to early manifestation of cataracts. Calcium deficiency in the diet can make a person prone to bone diseases. So, following a healthy diet and an exercise program can prolong and even prevent the occurrence of these elderly health issues. Other than providing a healthy life style, Homeopathic medicines also help in relieving age related complaints. With Homeopathy, the overall health condition of an elderly could improve; it could even address conditions associated with aging. Homoeopathy treatment can help the elderly take care of everyday life problems and does no harm to their system. If old people are alert and physically fit, it would increase their desire to live longer. They will enjoy life rather than be miserable.*

Role of Homeopathy in Aging process

Homeopathy plays a very important role in the aging process. Homeopathy is a natural medical science. It is a gentle and effective system of medicine. The remedies are prepared from natural substances. Homeopathy gives its emphasis not to the disease but to the diseased person and removes the disease from its root.

Senior citizens suffer from a range of ailments. As their bodies become delicate, feeble, and tender they require homeopathic constitutional treatment, which could strengthen their immune system. Homeopathy offers a safe and effective treatment for most of the health conditions experienced by old people.

There are varieties of medicines in homeopathy, which can be given for their mental, emotional, as well as physical ailments.

Homeopathy medicines/ Remedies for Old Age

Acid Phos, Agnus Cactus, Alumina, Ambra grisea, Anacardium, Aurum met, Baryta carb, Bryonia, Cactus, Calc carb, Calc phos, Capsicum, China, Crataegus, Causticum, Conium, Gelsemium, Graphites, Hepar sulph, Lachesis, Lycopodium, Merc sol, Nat mur, Secale cor, Sepia, Strophanthus, Sulphur, Thuja, etc.

Self-medication is not advisable. Consult a Qualified Homeopathy Practitioner for appropriate treatment.

Biochemic Medicines

Dr. W.H.Schuessler identified twelve minerals in 1873,  which he believed that are vital to human health. Schuessler was a German doctor of medicine, who was also a biochemist and homeopath.

There are certain essential minerals that the body requires, in proper balance, in all of its cells.  Deficiency of such minerals may lead to disorders.

Biochemic Medicines / Tissue Salts are these twelve minerals in homeopathically prepared formulations, which are highly diluted.

Biochemic Medicines / Tissue Salts are:
Calcarea Fluor, Calc Phos, Calc Sulph, Ferrum Phos, Kali Mur, Kali Phos, Kali Sulph, Mag Phos, Natrum Mur, Natrum Phos, Natrum Sulph and Silicea.

The salts are taken in the form of small tablets, dissolved on the tongue.

Common symptoms treated with the salts include:
Anemia, Asthma & Bronchitis,, Colic, Constipation, Coryza, Cough, Colds & Catarrh, Hay fever, Diabetes, Diarrhea, Tonsils, Fever, Headaches, Leucorrhoea (vaginal discharge), Menstrual troubles, Nervous exhaustion, Piles, Rheumatism, Gout, Arthritis, Skin diseases (Itching, Psoriasis, Eczema, Urticaria, Vitilago), Child's teething troubles, Toothache, Measles, Gum Problems, Enlarge Glands, Nerve & Brain Tonic, Acidity, Flatulence, Indigestion, Difficult Delivery, Lack of Vitality (Sexual problems) and many more.

To learn more about biochemistry, read this article.

Bach Flower Remedies

(Tackles the mind-body disorder)

Dr.Edward Bach (1886-1936) was the founder of Bach flower medicine. He was a British physician and well-known pathologist, immunologist, and bacteriologist.

His postulate was, "Treat the person, not the illness." He assumed that the causes of disease were negative emotional states such as anxiety, sorrow, fear, dissatisfaction, impatience, sadness, self-distrust, possessiveness, dreaminess, doubt, discouragement, depression, hatred, envy, jealousy, suspicion, irritability, impatience, mental tension, lack of self confidence, guilt feeling, terror, panic, extreme fright, hopelessness, persistent unwanted thoughts, pride, dissatisfaction, resignation, bitterness and so forth.

Therefore, he started looking for soul remedies that could influence the causes of an illness.

For seven years he searched for and found the 38 flower remedies that would satisfy the seven major negative states of mind: Fear, Uncertainty, Insufficient Interest in Present Circumstances, Loneliness, Over-sensitivity to Influences and Ideas, Despondency or Despair, Over-Care for the Welfare of Others.

38 Bach flower medicines/ remedies are:
Agrimony, Aspen, Beech, Centaury, Cerato, Cherry Plum, Chestnut Bud, Chicory, Clematus, Crab Apple, Elm, Gentian Gorse, Heather, Holly, Honey Suckle, Horn Beam, Impatiens, Larch, Mimulus, Mustard, Oak, Olive, Pine, Red Chestnut, Rock rose, Rock water, Scleranthus, Star of Bethlehem, Sweet Chestnut, Vervain, Vine, Walnut, Water Voilet, White Chestnut, Wild Oat, Wild Rose, Willow and Rescue remedy.

The Bach flower remedies are effective in balancing out the negative states of mind that plague man.

To learn more about Bach Flower, read this article.

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