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Rhinitis and Homeopathy

Rhinitis is an irritation and inflammations of the mucous lining of the nose which can be occur from viruses, bacteria or irritants.

Factors include:

  • Common cold
  • Irritation of the nasal lining
  • Hormonal changes like, hypothyroidism, during pregnancy or menses etc.
  • Drugs like, Beta blockers, birth control pills, antihypertensive, sedatives, etc.
  • Anatomic defects like nasal polyps enlarge tonsils & adenoids, etc.
  • Emotional as well as physical stress.

Homeopathic Management*

Consult a qualified homeopathy Physician for the appropriate therapy. For chronic & acute conditions patient needs constitutional approach to reduce the recurrence and to build resistance &  immunity which will heal the patient in short span of period.

According to your symptoms homeopath will give you some of the following remedy to subside your acute phase.

Self medication is not advisable.

Homeopathy medicines/remedies for Rhinitis

Aconite, Allium cepa, Ammon carb, Arg nit, Ars alb, Arundo, Dulcamara, Hepar sulph, Merc sol, Nat mur, Nux vom, Phyto, Psorinum, Puls, Rhus Tox, Sabadilla, Sambucus, Spongia, Solanum, Sulph, Tuberculinum, Wyethia,etc.

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