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Arthritis and Homeopathy

The word arthritis means inflammation of a joint. There are various verities in this disease. Pain in joints is a common symptom in all types of arthritis. Injuries and venereal diseases also cause arthritis. Any joint may develop inflammatory changes. There will be swelling, redness, pain restricted movements etc.

Depending on the type of arthritis, the joints are affected. For example, in Osteo arthritis, bigger joints are affected. In Rheumatoid arthritis smaller joints are affected.

Out of all the verities of arthritis, the most dangerous is Rheumatic fever as it always has a tendency to affect the heart.

Homeopathic Management for Arthritis*

However, arthritis is always a chronic trouble and at once stage or the other, needs a professional homeopathy consultation.

Consult a Qualified Homeopathy Practitioner for the appropriate medicines. Patient also needs constitutional remedy to build resistance & immunity which will heal the patient in short span of period.

According to your symptoms homeopath will give you some of the following remedies for symptomatic relief.

Homeopathy Medicines for Arthritis

Acid fluor, Apis mel, Acid benz, Berb Vul, Bryonia, Calc Fluor, Calc phos, Cauphylum, Causticum, chamomilla, Colchicum, Formica Ruf, Gaultheria oil, Ledum pal, Nat Phos, Picric Acid, Pulsatilla, Radium Brom, Rhus Tox, Sanguinaria, Thuja etc.

Self medication is not advisable.

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