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Tonsillitis and Homeopathy

Tonsils are two patches of lymph glands either side of the back of the throat that protrudes as small lumps. They are well known for their protective role in filtering out harmful bacteria and other microorganisms from the body.

Tonsillitis is an infection or inflammation of the tonsils. It is a common condition affects the upper respiratory tract; most frequently in children aged 5 to 10 years and young adults between 15 to 25 years.

Tonsillitis is a highly contagious infection that usually spreads from person to person by the contact with the throat or nasal fluids of an infected person.


  • Sore throat- lasts longer than 48 hours & may be severe.
  • Enlarged, tender glands (lymph nodes) in the jaw and neck.
  • Pain & difficulty in swallowing
  • Fever and Chills
  • Headache
  • Ear pain
  • Change of voice or even loss of voice.

Middle ear infection and abscess development lateral to the tonsils during an infection are most common complications following tonsillitis in adults as well as in children.

Homeopathic Management*

Consult a Qualified Homeopathy Physician for the appropriate ttherapy. For chronic & acute conditions patient needs constitutional approach to reduce the recurrence of attacks and to build resistance & immunity which will heal patient in short span of period.

According to your symptoms homeopath will give you one of the following remedy to subside your acute phase.

Self medication is not advisable.

Homeopathy medicines/remedies for Tonsillitis

Ammom mur, Baryta carb, Baryta mur, Belladona, Calc carb, Calc fluor, Calc sulph, Guaiacum , Hepar sulph, Lachesis, Merc iod, Merc sol, Nit acid, Phyto, Sulph, etc.

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