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Osteoarthritis and Homeopathy

Osteoarthritis (OA) is the most common joint disease. Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease, which is sometimes also called degenerative arthrosis or osteoarthrosis. It is the most common form of arthritis mostly in obese and middle age. Menopausal women suffer more than others due to hormonal changes, especially the oestrogen deficiency, followed by the rapid reduction in bone mineral density. But it occurs more or less frequently in both sexes. The degenerative form due to age is present in almost everyone by the age 70.

Modification in diet, reduction of weight in the overweight patients and a few tone up exercises help considerably along with the medication. Weak vital force due to ageing leads to degeneration of cartilage and hypertrophy of bone at articular margins. Hereditary, metabolic, genetic, chemical, and mechanical factors also play a role in its development. Other causes are injury and infection. There are some cases suspected due to hypersensitivity (allergies), fungal infections, etc., which need to be considered in management of the disease.


The onset is insidious. Initially there is articular stiffness, later develops pain on motion of affected joint and palpable crepitus. Other symptoms like limitation of joint, mild joint effusion and mild signs of inflammation may also be noticed.

Tests and their findings in osteoarthritis

X-ray will show some indications of the condition. Loss of cartilage, subchondral sclerosis, sharpened articular margin, narrow joint space & presence of osteophytes are the impressions usually found in the radiological reports suggesting OA. RA factor will usually be negative and ESR and other blood tests will also be normal.

General management for Osteoarthritis

People with OA have to wear warm clothes always. Some additional items like thermal underclothes, turtleneck, hat, scarf and gloves will be helpful during winters & rainy and cloudy days.

Exercises like walking and swimming, maintenance of optimum body weight, proper rest, required physiotherapy are recommended. Running on hard surfaces is to be avoided. Active people who are into heavy weights and contact sports can develop arthritis early due to the large forces that their joints are subjected to. Once it sets in, activities like squatting, kneeling and sitting cross-legged on the floor should be avoided.

Experts suggest avoiding junk food and maintaining a healthy eating helps osteoarthritis patients. Diet rich in calcium, protein, vitamin D and vitamin C are always recommended by nutritionists. Though calcium may not prevent osteoarthritis, it allows the bone beneath the degenerated surface to resist deforming forces.

Engaging in some sort of physical activity at least three to four times a week is helpful. This will keep the weight in check and also strengthen the muscles, which in turn helps slowing down the progression of the condition. The joints should not be subjected to sudden jerks and physical overload. Incorrect exercises can even be worse. Care must be taken in subjecting the bones to stress.

People with low bone density and those suffering from osteoporosis must be extra cautious as they have higher risks of a joint damage. They have to be advised to take necessary supplements. Sportspersons are usually suggested to wear proper joint guards such as knee pads and other joint protections even during the practice. People with OA history in their family must take extra care of their joints. Yoga can be of help for the people who cannot do hard-core gymnasium- based exercises.

Management of Osteoarthritis with Homeopathy*

Now days the concept of integrative approach is increasing. Integrative approach is managing the patient with multi-system therapies. Homoeopathy, Yoga and physiotherapy can be combined as and when the need arises.

Homeopathy is one of the most popular holistic systems of medicine. The selection of remedy is based upon the theory of individualization and symptoms similarity by using holistic approach. This is the only way through which a state of complete health can be regained by removing all the sign and symptoms from which the patient is suffering. The aim of homeopathy is not only to heal osteoarthritis but to address its underlying cause and individual personality. Consult a qualified homeopathic physician in person.

Self-medication is not advisable.

Homeopathy Medicines/Remedies for Osteoarthritis

Bryonia, Ledum pal, Rhus Tox, Colchicum, Kalmia, Guaiacum, Formica, Lithinum carb, Kali Carb, Sticta, Chelidonium, Ferrum Pic, Lactic acid , Lycopodium, Calc Carb, Phytolacca, Natrum Sulph, Hypericum, Benzoic acid, Oxalic acid, camphor etc.

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